The H-1B visa process for Indian techies may get stricter as the US workers, too, spilled out their anguish against the visa policy.

During a US review call organised by a top US agency responsible for overseeing lawful immigration to the United States, the US workers flagged various issues. Check for H1B Visa Process in UT Evaluators

The ‘national listening session’ call, organised by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as a part of President Donald Trump’s review of the country’s immigration policies, had advocacy groups to technology companies as well.

The discussions were mostly negative and US workers said Indian professionals who come on H-1B visa are not highly skilled.

“Transcripts of such calls are generally not made public. There were also individuals who represented unemployed and replaced US workers, as well as foreign nationals who may be in the US on various employment-based visa programmes,” R Carter Langston, a spokesperson for USCIS, told ET in an email response. For H1B Visa Evaluation Visit UT Evaluators

Many of the negative comments were specifically directed at Indian companies and Indian H-1B workers,” Poorvi Chothani, a US-licensed immigration attorney, who is aware of the points raised during the call, told ET.

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