Mercedes Benz Maybach S class Overview

The Mercedes S-Class is a popular luxury sedan worldwide and why not? It is said to be the ‘Best Car in the World’ and rightly so! The S-Class offers a lot of comfort, exclusivity, style, snob value, power and a huge list of gizmos that there is actually nothing that is missing in the car. While competition was trying to keep up with the standards of the S-Class, the guys at Mercedes were laughing and decided to make the S-Class even more special. So what is the outcome? As we see here, the Mercedes-Maybach S600.

The Maybach name is synonymous with exclusivity and while the brand was shut a few years back, the German automaker has revived it by launching the Maybach S500 and S600. We take the S600 for a spin to check out what more does it offer over a regular S-Class.

Mercedes Benz Maybach S class Exteriors

From the exterior the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class could be mistaken for any traditional big Merc. Aside from the size stretch and the new Maybach badges, Mercedes has included a few subtle changes to separate this from the normal S-Class. The rear door has actually been shortened in comparison to the long-wheelbase S-Class, and this has caused the rear quarter window to become body mounted, rather than door mounted. Mercedes says this causes the doors to meld seamlessly into the body. As an added bonus, this puts the seats slightly behind the door cutout, making the cabin feel like there is a bit more privacy.Check for Mercedes-Maybach S-Class price in Hyderabad at Autozhop.

The Maybach logo sits prominently on that pillar to remind you of what level of luxury you are about to enjoy every time you slide into the cabin.Other traditional S-Class staples like the new nose, sharp headlamps and the same shape and proportional slope of the roof remain. To add a touch more class to the outside the window surrounds and B-pillars are coated in chrome and there is an exclusive set of 20-inch alloys tucked into the fenders.

Mercedes Benz Maybach S class Interiors

A vehicle from this company is meant to exude brilliance and sophistication from within, and this model succeeds on all accounts. The cabin has been laid out for an atmosphere of glamor and elegance, on the accord of ergonomically designed seats, an advanced instrument cluster by the front.,The 2 spoke multifunction steering wheel has been dressed in nappa leather for a more enriched feel when driving. Comfort headrests are present for both rows, enabling comfort in addition to safety. Velor floor mats improve the theme of luxury within the place, while at the same time, giving utility for the occupants.

The premium leather upholstery elevates the drive experience to a vibrant new level.This model belongs to a unique class of luxury vehicles, and it fulfills on an unspoken promise of delight and comfort within. Firstly, a navigation system eases the driving process, providing a well directed route to any location. A Bluetooth facility levels up the inner sophistication, giving occupants the relief of in-cabin call hosting and audio streaming. A 6-DVD player is an added boon for the entertainment function, along with a hard disc, a USB port and an Aux-In feature. Central locking reduces hassle for the occupants, and it comes along with a remote control. A KEYLESS-GO package is also present, along with handfree boot opening.

The seating facility is enhanced with memory function, electric adjustment, head restraints and comfort headrests. An ambient lighting facility dispels gloomy conditions, and it is offered with seven color options. Also present is an independent boot locking, a closing aid for doors, an ashtray package and sunblinds for the rear doors.To know more information on Mercedes-Maybach S-Class visit Iiit-bh

Mercedes Benz Maybach S class Engine

The saloon gets the flagship 6.0-litre V12. This is the first S-Class in India to get this engine and it makes sense to debut one of the world’s top V12s in the Maybach. The biturbo petrol produces 530PS from 4,900rpm to 5,300rpm while peak torque is a colossal 830Nm that’s available at 1,900rpm. On the road, the V12’s acceleration is effortless and smooth. The car cruises at triple digit speeds with the tacho only reading a little more than 1,000rpm! Hold steady throttle and there’s constant surge of torque being sent out. Even a slight tap on the throttle is enough to make quick overtakes. The proven 7-speed automatic isn’t a very quick shifting box but offers smooth gear changes.

Step on the throttle and the 2.3-tonne car actually catapults ahead. While most owners will be chauffeur driven, one has to experience the sheer power of the V12 behind the wheel. The motor comes to life when given the beans and does get slightly audible, despite the acoustics we just talked about. Speeds rise in no time and before you know it, the car crosses 200kmph. Mercedes claims that the car reaches 100kmph in 5 seconds. In real world conditions though, the S-Class Maybach managed to hit the ton in 5.9s. This is still a very impressive figure considering the car’s weight. Powering twelve cylinders does require a lot of fuel. In the fuel tests, the car managed to return 4kmpl in town and 7kmpl on the highway, translating to an overall figure of 4.75kmpl.

Mercedes Benz Maybach S class Riding

It’s a petrifying thing to drive within a city like Mumbai or Pune. Especially when waiting for the traffic signal to turn green. With every motorcycle or three-wheeler coming dangerously close while trying to squeeze through the gap around the Maybach, They could visualise the hefty Rs 2.65 crore flashing in neon lights front of my eyes. Am certain, most Maybach chauffeurs must be popping pills to cure hypertension.Once out on open roads, Maybach S600 soothes yours senses with its linear power delivery and creamy torque. It’s a car you don’t feel like pushing to the limits or throwing around corners. Not that it will ever disappoint, but it’s way too elegant for such behaviour.

The air-suspension and Magic Body Control function work in harmony to soak up most of the road undulations.In a straight line, the Maybach is really impressive, and around fast and sharp corners the length, weight and body-roll cannot be ignored. Switching from Comfort to Sport mode does reduce the body-roll, adding more weight to the steering and squeezes out more juice from every gear. But it feels best cruising, even at three digit speeds, on the highway or transporting owners from their villas to luxury hotels or swanky offices.

Mercedes Benz Maybach S class Safety

Few vehicles on Earth can rival the Maybach’s standard safety feature set. Besides the typical airbags and traction aids, it comes with a driver knee airbag, front side pelvic airbags, rear side airbags, rear cushion airbags that prevent submarining under your seat belt, rear-seat belt airbags, a forward collision warning and automatic braking system (detects cars and pedestrians), a rear collision detection and mitigation system, a drowsy driver warning system, active lane-keeping and blind-spot assistance, front and rear cross-traffic alert, and a night-vision display. Also included is a six-month free trial of Mbrace Secure emergency services, which includes automatic collision and alarm notification, stolen vehicle locator and an emergency call button.

Mercedes Benz Maybach S class Cost in Hyderabad

Mercedes Benz MAYBACH S Class On Road Price is 2,22,46,520/- and Ex-showroom Price is 1,86,18,003/- in Hyderabad. Mercedes Benz MAYBACH S Class comes in 1 colours, namely . Mercedes Benz MAYBACH S Class comes with RWD with 4663 CC Displacement and 8 Cylinders with Maximum Power 459 bhp@5250-5500 rpm and Peak Torque 700 Nm@1800-3500 rpm DRIVE TRAIN RWD and reaches 100 KMPH at 4.8 seconds . Mercedes Benz MAYBACH S Class comes with Automatic Transmission with RWD .

Mercedes Benz Maybach S class Conclusion

Mercedes has yet another terrific product on their hands with the Maybach S600. The S-Class turned out to be a favourite in its segment and continues to remain the numero uno choice for actors, industrialists, businessmen, etc. and the Maybach is targeted towards those who desire even more exclusivity from the S-Class. The Maybach doesn’t provide much over and above the S350 or S500 and it also doesn’t have the bling factor associated with a Rolls-Royce or a Bentley and many buyers actually like that. The Maybach succeeds in offering top-notch levels of safety, comfort, space, features and a lot more. And for those days when your chauffeur is on a leave, you get to have fun with the massively powerful V12 engine too! The Maybach S500 is priced very close to the Mercedes S-Class while the S600 is definitely more expensive as it comes via the CBU route, in spite of that, Mercedes has already sold out the Maybach for this year, showing the demand for this luxo-barge.

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