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The United States of America is one country where visa is needed to be able for foreigners to work, study, or migrate in their land. There are a lot of visa classifications; hence, Filipinos need to understand and be informed about these visas. Why do Filipinos want to be in the USA?

First and foremost, Filipinos always have this American dream. This is greatly influenced on what they see on movies or on TV. America is pictured out as a country where dreams become reality. For H1B Visa Process Visit UT Evaluators

It is always alive and exciting. Secondly, Filipinos consider the US as a country where they can see improvement or progress in their careers. Finally, the US is a good place to live and settle as they get older.

Filipinos are primarily concerned in getting two different kinds of visa – the H1B and EB2 visas. What exactly are these visas for?

H1B Visa

US companies are allowed to employ foreign workers in specialized fields that require theoretical or technical expertise such as I architecture, engineering, science and medicine through the H1B visa. This is a non-immigrant visa where visa holders can work for up to six years in the US.

This visa lets anyone to stay for up to three years in the US with a possible extension to a maximum of six years. In addition, H1B visa holders have the opportunity to bring their spouse and children under the age of 21 years old.

EB2 Visa

There are three categories under this visa:

(1) EB2(A) for foreign nationals with an advanced degrees’ (masters or higher) and with a job offer from a US company;

(2) EB2(B) for foreign nationals with ‘exceptional ability’ in sciences, business arts and with a job offer from a US company; and

(3) EB2(C) for foreign national with exceptional ability or an advanced degree who can show that their knowledge with be an advantage to the US national interest.

Basically, applicants cannot apply for H1B visa; it is the employers who will apply for the said visa to be able to outsource people from other countries. Check for H1B Visa in Vci-india

On the other hand, applicants of EB2 visa have to apply for the said visa and submit all the necessary documents to provide proof of their eligibility. Applicants must provide all necessary academic certificates and recognitions related to their field of study for the EB2 visa.

Being informed on the different kinds of US visas along with their requirements is a good step in preparation for the American dream. Applicants have to get hold of the necessary documents and payments needed for the processing of the visa.

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