Audi Q3 Overview

The Audi Q3 marks as the gateway for the German carmakers in the SUV line up in the country. It is also among the highest selling models for the Ingolstadt based manufacturer in the subcontinent. The Audi Q3 is mainly designed for the young and enthusiastic customers and priced very sensibly. Audi Q3 SUV gets the stylish exteriors and is highlighted with smooth headlamps and fitted body shell.

Audi Q3 Price In Chennai

The all-new 2017 Audi Q3 is crafted with minute athletic details to show the company’s excellence of merging the sportiness and beauty together. The vehicle was first brought into the subcontinent back in the year 2012, following the company provided the mid-life facelift in 2015 and now again in the year 2017 it get subtle update inside and out. The new 2017 Audi Q3 gets new features as well as a new engine to keep the customers pampered.

Audi Q3 Style

There are very minor changes in the exterior design of the facelifted 2015 Q3. Even in the cabin one has to look closely to figure out the changes. The few changes that are noticeable from outside are the xenon headlights which are now standard, LED taillights, the single piece larger grille and the revised bumper. One can choose LED headlights as an option too.

The new Q3 will be available in two trims — Design Equipment Line and Sport Equipment Line — with six-speed and seven-speed S-tronic transmissions with free-wheel function and optional shift paddles on the steering wheel.Designers at the company said that they have given the new Q3 a premium character and features like the sculpted single-frame grille are the defining element at the front of the car. They have also honed the details of the coupe-like lines with the characteristic wrap-around tailgate.

Audi Q3 Space

Just like the changes on the outside of the car, the alterations on the inside too are few. The first impression is the all-black toned dashboard, replacing the beige-grey format in the existing model, and a slew of advanced technology visible to assist the driver are favourable additions to the cabin.

The new Q3 features new tech like the Audi side assist with the LED indicator in the door mirror warning the driver if another vehicle is in the blind spot or is approaching rapidly from the rear. Similarly, Audi’s active lane-assist works with video cameras that detect lane markings. It actively assists steering to help the driver return to the lane if he or she comes too close to a line without using the indicator. The camera-based traffic sign recognition system shows speed limit signs as graphics in the driver information system display.

The MMI navigation plus, which is the high-end infotainment solution from Audi, is also available with the Q3 now. It connects with the smartphone, which connects the Audi Q3 to the Internet. Passengers can use the WiFi hotspot to surf the net or use e-mail, while the driver can enjoy tailored services from Audi connect.These include the web radio Audi music stream, online traffic information, and navigation with Google Earth and Google Street View. However, with a lot of security concerns around Google Earth and its Street View in India, the latter part of the options may not work in our country.

Audi Q3 Engine

The carmaker is offering a new engine with the SUV and i.e. the 1.4L turbocharged petrol mill that has been a part of many other Volkswagen-Audi cars. The powertrain produces 150PS and 250Nm of max torque, the same output it gives in the A3 and A4 sedans. Talking about the performance, push the engine start/stop button and the noise levels are a little higher contrary to the expectations and continues to be audible when the car moves on. However, if you are driving in the mid-range, the car is convenient to potter around the city. Check for Audi Q3 in trauma2011

The turbopower is more than enough to carry the 2-tonne SUV and it doesn’t come until you press the accelerator pedal hard. For most of the overtaking part, a gentle throttle input is more than enough to pass over. There are four different driving modes available in the Drive Select namely ‘Efficiency’, ‘Comfort’, ‘Dynamic’ and ‘Auto’ made for different driving conditions. Auto mode works fine in most everyday driving conditions while in the Dynamic mode the car seems to be enthusiastic to lunge ahead. Comfort tunes the suspension setting a bit to offer better riding experience.The S-tronic transmission is really a gem of the overall package. The 6-speed automatic dual-clutch gearbox is swift in responding to the throttle inputs.

Unlike the diesel Q3, the petrol variant does not feature paddle shifters. However, it won’t be missed much as the gearbox is able to read your mind. Coming to the diesel version, the engine comes in two state of tunes viz 150PS/340Nm and 183PS/380Nm. The power is transferred to the wheels via Quattro AWD system. The engine now comes with increased power output of 7PS and additional 130Nm of torque. Though the increased power is not noticeable, the added torque shows its true colour on the highways. Power delivery is excellent and there is no turbo lag that would make you stuck in the traffic. The sound is unusually likeable but it can be muffled through moderate music volume. The diesel engine is substantially silent which will surely work in the car’s favour.

Audi Q3 Driving

The ride quality will give no reasons for complain, especially driving within the city premises. The suspension set-up of the car skilfully lay off road bumps and other undulations with a soft thud. And more importantly, the cabin doesn’t feel uneasiness while addressing the potholes. Book A Test Drive For Audi Q3 In Ahmedabad at Tryaldrive.

But what is not good is the noise of the tyres which peeps into the cabin, slightly disrupting the in-cabin experience.There is a bit of unfairness on part of the suspension when you touch the triple digit speed. The cabin feels a little floaty and some sort of vertical jogging. The steering also gives light and lacklustre feeling as though it is set-up for convenience driving, not for fun-driving. And that’s apparent in the city driving when it feels super-light which makes the manoeuvring a cakewalk. Also, the car won’t disappoint the passengers while cornering.

Audi Q3 Safety

The Audi Q3 comes equipped with all-disc brakes with tech like ABS with EBD and emergency brake assist system. The pedal is also well calibrated. As a result, you get strong performance from the SUV while simultaneously maintaining composure under hard braking conditions.Further, the safety is boosted through 6-airbags, electronic stability program, traction control, hill descent control as well as rear parking camera with sensors. The car also provides side-on collision protection, Integrated head restraint system and Electronic Differential Lock (EDL) as part of the overall safety package.

Audi Q3 Cost

Audi Q3 On-Road Price in Chennai ranges from 39,74,600 to 49,43,559 for variants Q3 30 TFSI Premium AT FWD and Q3 35 TDI Quattro Technology respectively. Audi Q3 is available in 4 variants and 6 colours. Below are details of Audi Q3 variants price in Chennai. Check for Q3 price in Chennai.

Audi Q3 Conclusion

There are no official words from Audi yet as if when they are planning to launch the next generation Q3 but offcourse it won’t come out in view of the public until next year. You can expect the upcoming Q3 to be lot more styling and in line with the current generation Audi styling while also expect some new things like a new infotainment system and more comfortable seats inside. The drivetrain lineup also looks powerful as well as will focus on fuel efficiency at the same time.

We will definitely update you with more details as soon as we get more information about this upcoming SUV.While there are not many changes to the looks of the car, many enhancements have been done under the hood and the interiors. When it comes to India next year, it will not only compete closely with Mercedes-Benz’s GLA-Class, but may compete with many others vehicles if it is priced right.

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