H1B Visa

The land of milk and honey – everybody has got that American dream. Different nationalities around the world are dreaming to walk down Rodeo Avenue, see Time Square, and take a photo at Mount Rushmore. Who would not be enticed with the beauty and elegance of visiting the United States of America? Unfortunately, it is not an open city and getting a visa to the US is indeed a lot of work to do.

Filipinos dream big and most of them want to visit or even work in America. The problem comes along in fulfilling the requirements for the said visa. Some are lucky to have been awarded a visa, whilst some come home with a frown on their faces.

However, it is not a true that that you are already safe to go to the US once awarded with a visa because the US Embassy can have it cancelled in any time. Just like what happened to a former Filipino politician who was on his way to the US to visit his sick son just to receive a call that the US Embassy had cancelled his visa. Read the story here. For H1B Visa Process Visit UT Evaluators

The problem here is that the US Embassy, as part of their protocol, does not release any reason why a certain visa has been cancelled. As for the politician’s case, the embassy had received some information that led to the cancellation of the visa but it was not to be disclosed.

Having known that this politician have just had his visa cancelled, we can make a conclusion that it is also possible to happen to any common individuals who already have their US visa. Hence, it is good for Filipinos to know what the usual grounds are for the US Embassy to have visas cancelled.

A visa can be revoked:

A. If the holder is inadmissible to the US on security, criminal, medical, financial or other grounds.

B. If the holder of a non-immigrant visa is not entitled to the visa because he or she does not meet the criteria for the visa category (section 214b).

C. It is also found in this section that some candidates do not meet the right requirement on the English proficiency exam requirement. Most candidates are

D. focused on the overall band score rather than the specific scores set by the institutions they are applying for. Because of this, the visa is possible to be revoked. For more info on H1B Visa visit emikolo

If a potential reason for inadmissibility or ineligibility, usually involving law enforcement, is suspected. The decision to revoke a visa can originate from the State Department in Washington DC or with the consular officer at a consulate.

Hence, as you apply for a visa, make sure that you have all the necessary requirements. Double check everything and read more information on this visa application. Time and money are wasted once your visa is revoked; thus, being aware of the rules and regulations on US visa applications is highly needed.

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