Summer is a terrific time for real estate agents to focus on marketing. With summer break settling in, parents have more opportunities to go house-hunting with the young ones.

It’s no surprise that summer is a high mark in terms of the inventory of available homes, peaking between May and August—but listings tend to go fast!

Competition may be fierce in the summer, but those who are prepared can make the most of the market’s opportunities.

Buyers and sellers alike have more time to absorb your marketing, so now is the time to add some extra elbow grease to your campaigns. Plus, it is that much easier to attract motivated buyers in summer!To know more info on Real Estate SEO Agency check Realty DS.

Let’s look at some of the best ways to energize your marketing this summer:

Hit the Town with Community Events

An effective real estate agent needs to get excited for networking at the drop of a hat! Summer offers plenty of opportunities to really relax, such as back yard barbecues, where your friends and neighbors are willing to talk shop about their real estate plans.

Don’t be afraid to sponsor local charity events or even kick off your own. Long story short—be social!

Live Stream Your Open House

No matter the season, the open house is still one of the most potent ways to meet up with people who are serious about closing a house in the next few months.

Not every would-be buyer will make it every event, though, so stream your open houses to give them more staying power. The live streaming feature from Facebook is so simple, all you need is your cell phone.

Show Appreciation to Your Clients

Although the weather might be at its warmest, ’tis the season … to show appreciation. Referral business is hugely important, especially in your first few years in real estate.

Sadly, though, most people are more inclined to share negative experiences than positive ones. Send a card or a social media message to see how old clients are doing—and learn if anyone they know needs an agent!

Double Down on Web & Social

Since more people are spending lazy hours in front of the computer, it’s time to get noticed online. If you’re posting once a week on your blog, move up to twice a week.

Been kicking around a new online marketing idea, like live streaming or holding a webinar? Now’s your perfect chance—combining novelty with solid real estate advice is a recipe for wider exposure.

Help Clients Get Educated

People come into the home buying process with all kinds of questions—and that’s especially true of first-time buyers. If you’re comfortable presenting to a group, why not hold an educational event?

It’s a terrific way to get would-be clients comfortable with you and strike up a rapport. You could find that you end up with interested buyers from the moment you wrap up your talk.

“Sharpen the Saw”

Tomorrow’s best marketing comes from the seeds you plant today. Don’t forget to take some time to strengthen your skills as a real estate agent.For more information on Real Estate Marketing check Cidoc2015

Learn a new tool, perform research on your local market, or implement systems that will make your job easier. You’ll probably find yourself with more time in the summer, so strive to improve. Every little bit can make the difference.

In all seasons, real estate agents need to position themselves as local experts others can trust. It may take time to find the balance between online and in-person marketing. Look closely at what resonates with customers as well as what comes naturally to you.

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