Datsun Go Test Drive

Datsun Go Overview

Datsun Go is the model which marked the entry of the Japanese brand in the country. The car which was first introduced in 2014, was pitched in the affordable hatchback segment and was able to grab a slight share of pie in the class. However, the overall response of the car was lukewarm since its inception so the carmaker decided to give a major update in 2018. For applying car loan on Datsun GO visit Fincarz.

The new Datsun GO has been launched with an impressive list of updates this time around. The car now looks a bit more upmarket from inside and out with the mechanicals remaining the same. The hatchback was also been high criticized on the safety ground but now the carmaker has responded rightly to the feedback by giving a major update in this department too. At the same time, the affordability factor hasn’t been compromised; even the newer model is more reasonable than the earlier version.

Datsun Go Style

Right from its inception, the Datsun Go was meant to focus on delivering simple, easy to experience and appreciate benefits for the entry hatch buyer. It’s design and package of features does a good job of meeting that objective.While the front of the car reflects the new design language that has been adopted for the Datsun brand, some of the features like the large headlamps communicate the benefits of size and safety to the potential buyer.

Hexagonal elements with thicker D-Cut side bars in the headlamps and the D-cut bonnet grille introduce the onlooker to the car. The chrome lipping and the honey-comb grille also make a statement about the car’s quality. The stance of the GO is neither tall-boy nor that of a squat, low small car. The result is a stout presence on the road and easy access into and out of the car.

The design lines all around the car merge into the major elements and the general vibe one gets from the car is that of a well thought-out, focused design given its mandate. The GO’s surfaces are all clean and the build quality is above average for the entry B-segment.Practicality and space maximisation are focuses that are also evident in the way the front doors cut deep into the A-pillar and the curved rear design helps maximise the volume inside the car. With the rear bench seat being used, the boot is one of the largest in the segments with 265 litres of space for luggage.

Datsun Go Space

Get inside this new hatch and you will like what you find inside, definitely Hyundai has set a new benchmark when it comes to interiors with their budget hatch Eon and when you compare Go’s interior the later looks and feels pretty basic and bland.

The front dashboard looks boring with the round air vents which has once again been borrowed from Nissan Micra what is interesting though is that you won’t be getting any audio player with this new hatch instead Datsun has provided a holder which can hold any mobile audio device such as an I-pod or your mobile and it also has been provided with a aux in audio input jack so your phone or I-pod becomes in car entertainment system. The rest of the instrument cluster and dials looks pretty basic too but the small digital display provides lot of useful information such as rev counter, trip computer for average fuel consumption and fuel gauge.

Let me mention one more interesting thing about the dashboard here the gear lever has been fitted along with the dashboard in order to save space in the front seats. The dashborad does not have a glovebox instead it has a parcel tray just beneath the dashboard.The front seat or it would sound appropriate if I call it a bench because just between the two front bucket seats there is an additional cushion which joins both the driver and passenger seats and it can easily fit a third passenger but Datsun in particular has made it clear that this small space is strictly for a small children. Another disappointing thing is that although it has been provided with a cushioning there are no seat belts provided for the third passenger at the front. For more details on Datsun GO Visit Trauma2011

The designers have given this new hatch a wider shape and thus have pushed the doors and wheels at the front and rear end of the car to create more space in its interiors moreover it also has been provides with a 265 liters of boot space where you can store some luggage easily which too is impressive for a entry level hatch of this size.The Go hatch interiors are definitely not luxurious but has ample of space inside although the interiors looks bit dull and boring with grey plastics and seat fabrics but this is only an entry level hatch and so expecting anything more will be bit silly.

Datsun Go Performance

The spec sheet remains the same as before. The car comes powered with the same 1.2L 3-cylinder naturally aspirated 12V DOHC EFI petrol engine that produces 68PS and 104Nm of peak torque with the same 5-speed manual transmission doing its duty for transferring the power to the front wheels. This is the same unit that powers Nissan Micra Active and remains the biggest in its class in terms of power and performance.

The engine remains enthusiastic as before with high power to weight ratio. The hatch offers peppy and fun to drive experience especially if the engine is dragged to its redline. A small hitch comes due to limited low-rpm pulling potential. So, one has to really push the accelerator a little hard to get going. But this is something of advantage when you are travelling jam packed or handling the ghats. If you continue to get going, you would not face any problems whizzing in and out of the traffic.

However, the newer model is not as quick as compared to the previous version. Why? Because of the added 150kg of weight and on open stretches the car would run out of breath. And here you would need to plan overtake in advance. But there is nothing to worry much as these cars are meant for pottering within the city premises. Coming to the NVH levels, the carmaker seems to have taken the nasty feedbacks seriously. The engine sound is muffled right to some extent but it does get thrummy if you push it hard. The refinement levels in the facelift has been bettered, there is more cladding so those small pebbles and stones hitting the underbody are now better controlled.

Being a small hatchback, fuel efficiency becomes one of the top priorities. Nothing has changed in the mileage figures though, the new Datsun GO returns the ARAI certified mileage of 19.83 kms for a liter of fuel which is good looking at class it fall

Datsun Go Driving

The GO’s suspension has been tuned to please rear passengers, with the set up being copied from some Infiniti vehicles, Nissan’s luxury car brand. The suspension travel has also been increased to make it more pliant and at the same time capable of handling some really poor quality roads. The 13-inch rims, a pliant suspension and the raised stance, explain the bit of body roll, but it is not unsettling even at high speeds. The power steering is speed sensitive and stiffens up at higher speeds. Overall handling is on a par with cars in the B and B+ segments. Some nifty features in the Datsun GO include the speed sensitive automatic windscreen wiper and follow me home headlights that can be activated by simply toggling the high beam flasher when you exit the car.

Datsun Go Safety

Safety is one of the main priorities of many Indian consumers especially when they are choosing a car for their entire family. For your information the Datsun GO will disappoint you once again here because quite frankly it lacks lot of safety features which you would normally expect out of your family hatch.The Go does not have any provision of a airbag in any of its variants. Although it has been provided with disc brakes at the front but there is no ABS option either in the car. So if you are concerned about all these safety measures then we are afraid that Datsun GO won’t provide you with any.

Datsun Go Cost in Pune

Datsun Go On-Road Price in Pune ranges from 4,15,686 to 5,97,762 for variants Go D and Go T Optional respectively. Datsun Go is available in 7 variants and 6 colours. Below are details of Datsun Go variants price in Pune. Check for Datsun GO price in Pune at Autozhop.

Datsun Go Conclusion

The Datsun GO is a complete package for the entry hatch buyer, even though some of the features seem to have been over thought. At the time of launch, the GO will be available only with the petrol engine in three trim levels. Safety features like ABS and airbags are also being considered as an optional addition to be introduced at a later date. The choice of an electronic throttle pedal and a hydraulic pressure type clutch (instead of cable type) are also good additions and the fact that they are easier to operate and maintenance-free will be appreciated by first time car buyers. It probably also hints at an automatic variant, which Datsun

The Japanese firm despite of all these additions, has priced the car quite sensibly. The new Datsun GO starts from Rs. 3.29 lakhs while top of the line variant is tagged at Rs. 4.89 lakhs, ex-showroom. Looking at the drastic changes this time, it seems Maruti Celerio, Tata Tiago, Maruti Wagon R and 2018 Hyundai Santro will be having tough time ahead. The new Datsun GO feels a more healthy and interesting package and goes beyond the stigma of an unsafe car. In short, it has become easier to recommend than before.

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