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The more engagement you have on a given social media platform, the more that platform’s algorithm takes notice. And the more the algorithm likes you, the more likely you are to show up in front of new faces.

Make sense? Ok, great, here are 10 super simple, and PROVEN, social media posts that will boost your engagement like a pro!


Video is King! More than half of consumers report making a purchase after watching branded videos on social media, and marketing pros back that up by saying that video generally has the best ROI! Seriously – on Facebook alone, in the last year, customers watching branded videos have increased over 250% (Source)!!

Use this gold mine and give your audience an inside look at you and your biz and help them get to know you better. You could also consider videos covering how-tos, live Q+As, etc. For more details Visit SEO Company London


Everyone loves giving their opinion, and polls are a quick and simple way to let them do that! Not only can you use polls for fun and silliness, but you can (and should) leverage them to gain insight into your audience. After all, the better you know them, the better you will be able to provide them with valuable and helpful information!


Did you know that consumers tend to trust peer reviews over any info put out by a business itself? Leverage that by inviting your audience to share their photos (or videos) with your branded hashtag! Consider Ig/FB contests, and incentivize their testimonials for you!


As with polls, everyone loves giving their opinion on things. And, asking questions is a super easy way to get a conversation started, build a community, and, ultimately, increase your social media engagement!

By making an effort to truly get to know your customers, you’re better positioned to provide them with value and keep them coming back to you! Mix up your questions to be product/service based, as well as fun + silly.


Prove your expertise and build up your trust factor by freely giving away tips and tricks related to your business! They’ll keep coming back for more. Web development company in UK check RavisNY.

Here are some ways to help establish your expertise.

A. Bite Size Tips (think Instagram graphic)

B. Helpful articles or blog posts (your own or other people’s)

C. Answers to questions you often get

D. Infographics addressing your ideal customer’s pain points

E. Video tutorial related to your brand (video, what what)

F. Checklist or guide related to a product you sell

G. Share guest blog posts you’ve written

H. Create a mini training series on a topic related to your business and audience

I. 5 Day Series on applicable topic/question/service

If you need more ideas, here are some for those in the fashion industry; skin care/beauty industry; and jewelry/accessories industry.


Tap into trending topics as they relate to your business. The issue is likely already on your audience’s mind, so why not run with it? Whether you share a timely article or meme, or ask a question related to the trend, you’re capitalizing on topics that are already out there and have grabbed their attention! Go read more about this and get some AWESOME ideas for the rest of 2018 here!


Have some fun with caption contests! Take it a step further and have your audience vote on their favorite. Share a product related photo, a personal blooper, a behind the scenes look at your business . . . you get the idea!


Buzzfeed kills it with their fun online quizzes. Take a page from their playbook and create quizzes related to your biz/audience! Do you sell clothing? Create a “what’s your style archetype” quiz. Is beauty more your jam? Offer up a quiz about skin types, or make-up styles! For SEO Services visit bigintmedia


Who doesn’t love a good “fill in the blank” or “would you rather” type of game? They’re silly, fun, and encourage engagement, making them a perfect social media post (especially for Instagram Stories)! Like polls + questions, these can be both fun/silly and business related. Use the business related answers to help you fine tune your content efforts!

BONUS: Add a blank version of the game to your social media feed and let your followers know that they can screenshot it and use on their own platforms.Don’t forget to ask them to tag you when they publish it!


GIFS and memes are HUGE right now! Just about everyone loves finding and sharing their favorites, making this a sure bet for engagement!

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